Options Prepared for Wallace Wyss


We are flexible and can work with any budget.
Not knowing your budget, we’ve provided a few options below.
Let us know what we need to mix-and-match to fit what you’re looking for.

We’ll discuss:

  • Website: We have 3 options for your website.
  • Hosting: The website must live on a server, we have 3 options for this.
  • On-going Support: Any future help, from adding new products to Instagram help, etc.

Website Options

Our options are:

  1. Entry website: Bare minimum  funciton needed to sell online.
  2. Advanced website: A step up, if we had more budget.
  3. Full Custom website: Probably overkill at this time.  Still, a fully custom designed website is an option.

1. Entry Website: $550

  1. Name/Logo design: 5 font-style “logos” to select from
  2. Print Photography: Included at no cost, if you are willing to send us prints we would gladly take a swing at photography.
  3. Selling of prints and canvases on website:
    1. Ability to set ‘strikeout’ discount price per item
    2. Ability to set stock level per item (example: cap 1 canvas to ’25’ quantity for limited amount)
    3. We can watermark photos with your name/logo if you wish
    4. Payment processed securely via PayPal.  Including assistance of setting up a PayPal for you if you wish.
    5. Easy to add unlimited products in future
  4. Create up to 5 pages:
    1. We use a clean & efficient design template to get your site built fast.
    2. Includes 1 design and 1 revision (we take 1 pass to design, then you have 1 round to give us feedback for changes) for the following pages, for example:
      1. Home page
      2. About the Artist
      3. Purchase Prints
      4. Purchase Canvases
      5. Contact
  5. Full tutorial included: We’ll walk you (and/or a friend or family member of yours who may help you with your site) through editing your site when we finish, and give you a ‘cheat-sheet’ so you have full control of updating the site in the future.  Should you not want to employ our assistance.

2. Advanced Website: $950

  1. Includes all items from #1 above.  Also:
  2. Name/Logo design: increase to 20 options and 1 revision round to perfect your top 3 selections further, before selecting your final favorite.
  3. Blog/Press Release funciton:
    1. Blog feed on homepage of 3 most recent posts, with link to view all posts in archive.
    2. Tutorial included on Blog posting.  Very easy to use.
    3. Import/add initial posts/press releases: We can import posts/stores/etc from existing sites and any documents you send us.  Such as the links you sent us for the story and the Concorso Italiano post.
    4. All blog posts to have call-to-actions on the side of the post to encourage:
      1. Purchase Prints Now
      2. Social Share Icons – to share your blog post on social media
      3. Newsletter Signup – see below:
  4. Newsletter signup: Integrate a newsletter signup to gather leads, that will store emails in a free Mailchimp account.  We will create a nice mailchimp email template that matches your website, so you can easily email your followers.
    1. Mailchimp tutorial included

3. Custom Website: $2,250

  1. Includes all items from #1 and #2 above.  Also:
  2. Full custom design: 
    1. A website design that will pass the quality by far of the websites for Camilo Pardo, Harold Cleworth, and Jay Koka
      1. Some example sites (we would review more together) to take inspiration from.  Fonts/styles/colors could all be suited to your branding. Most of these sites have a tasteful layout with some motion effects that make them interesting.
        1. https://www.emilyjeffords.com/
        2. https://melvolkman.com/
        3. https://stevenkozar.com/
        4. https://touringxx.com/wptemplatekits/fashion-art/
        5. https://template-kit.themerex.net/artist/
    2. Additional design budget allows us to do a custom design for up to 10 pages.  Including:
      1. 1 desktop sized design for each page
      2. 1 mobile sized design for each page
      3. Up to 3 revision rounds per each design, so we can perfect or try other styles to get the site exactly how you would like.
  3. Social Media Spin Up
    1. Creation of Instagram and Facebook pages
      1. Initial population of up to 20 pictures each, with #hashtag research
      2. Initial 1 month labor plan for growing your Instagram exposure (can discuss via call – we keep your account active for a month to work on growing a following)
    2. Linking of Facebook and Instagram to your website store, for selling of prints across social platforms.

Hosting Options

Where your website will live.

  1. Our Basic Hosting: $45 $20/mo
    1. Your website, hosted on our server
  2. Our Advanced Hosting: $95 $45/mo
    1. Includes security from hacking, monthly backups, and speed optimization, for peace of mind.
  3. Self hosted:  After paid off, you own your site and may host it anywhere you choose.

Ongoing Support

Your website will include a full tutorial for you and anyone else you choose.  However, we are certainly available to provide ongoing support for your website.

Any labor will be quoted at the time you need it.  Or you may purchase a block of hours to keep us ‘on tap’ for assistance.

Agency rate: $95  $75/hour  (multiplied based on task, example: 1 agency hour gets you 2 hours of a designer’s labor, 3 hours of search engine optimization labor, etc…)

Items our team can assist with:

  1. Website Assistance: Any and all assistance to add/edit/update your website.
  2. Social Media Assistance: Page/profile management, adding posts, #hashtag research, posting of press releases or painting images.
  3. Press Release: Plan to deploy a press release at any time, we can assist as much as you like from:
    1. Posting across social media
    2. Posting to your website blog feed, if you decide to have one
    3. Searching for other websites to submit your press release to
  4. Search Engine Optimization: Configuring your site and doing off-site-SEO to increase traffic to your website.
  5. Photo/Video editing
  6. Product Photography

Payment Terms

  1. Website:
    1. Entry website: $550
    2. Advanced website: $950
    3. Custom website: $2,250 
    4. If you choose our hosting:
      1. Payment can be divided across 3-6 months, first payment due at project start.
    5. If you do not choose our hosting:
      1. Website must be paid in full before we deploy it to your server.
  2. Hosting:
    1. Our Basic Hosting: $45 $20/mo
    2. Our Advanced Hosting: $95 $45/mo
    3. Due monthly, prefer automatic credit card payment via PayPal for security

  3. Ongoing Support:
    1. To be quoted at time of request.  Our team is efficient!
    2. Payment due at start (unless you have pre-purchased hours ‘on-tap’)


Join the collective’s journey, and we’ll keep you in the know.  Working towards shared opportunities.